Residency ·······27/09–02/12/21

Opening ·········08/12/21 (6pm-9pm)
Exhibition ······10/12–04/02/21 (Wed-Sat, 1pm-6pm)
Closing ·········04/02/22 (6pm-9pm)


Birth, Life and Death. Waking, growing up, thriving and being. Morin documents these thematic circles in intimate black-and-white photographs of her family in a personal and unfiltered way. Her photographs show the artist's family life and tell very private stories. She depicts personal moments accessible only to her as a mother, daughter, or partner. This trustful bond creates an atmosphere that portrays her protagonists, free of any staging, ranging from sharp to blurred, naked and direct. Morin explores the spectrum of human emotions between vulnerability, strength, rage, joy, and sadness.

Her photographs are always created with a loving eye. They open to the viewer a field of tension between playful childishness and atmospheric images that can also trigger dark associations. Morin thus invites the viewer to emotionally question his own perspectives.

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