Art and artistic expression require physical space for creation, presentation and dialogue. An artist’s need for such an environment is omnipresent, while finding it in a central location has become almost utopian.
In a space in the middle of Kreuzberg we will make this Utopia come true: A place where artists are allowed to experiment, create and polarize, and where we offer visitors a platform for dialogue and discovery.


HOTO was founded by Leopold Hornung, known primarily as an actor (amongst others in the Netflix series "Dark"). His passion for art motivated him to launch HOTO, an innovative approach to the classic gallery. He has been running the project successfully for 10 years.

Antonio Rilling
is the founder of BARK Berlin Culinary GmbH and runs various projects across Berlin such as the gastronomy at C/O Berlin at the Amerika Haus, a restaurant in Kreuzberg, and an advertising agency. Previously, he worked at the Martin-Gropius-Bau and was privately involved in the Berlin art scene.

Joined HOTO 2021.