Solstice and Clock: Humanity's exit from self-incurred immaturity 

Curated by Annalena Amthor

Opening ·········· 17/02/23, 6pm

Exhibition ······· 18/02 – 01/04/23,
                   Wed. – Sat., 1pm – 7pm

Closing ·········· 01/04/23, 6pm


Are there certain recurring notions that you have concerned yourself with throughout the unfolding of your life? Do you deal with them differently in various situations or contexts? How do you feel with - rather than about - the current state of the planet?

In his solo exhibition at the gallery HOTO, entitled 'Solstice and Clock - Humanity's exit from self-incurred immaturity', Markus Hoffmann considers highly ambivalent materials such as fungi and nuclear energy which are positioned at the dichotomies of life and death commenting on society's insatiable hunger for energy. The resulting artworks, comprising of film, photography, sculpture and installation can be seen as a multiverse environment embedding narratives for and of the future, like beautifully eerie reactualising time capsules of encompassing significance. While highlighting urgent controversial questions to society, the landscape of multidisciplinary artefacts is primarily an invitation to create and share your own narrative amongst the infinite.

Markus Hoffmann is a transdisciplinary artist whose work is situated at the interface of art, science and the pockets of magic that thrive in the natural world. Through his practice, he playfully addresses discourses of the Capitalocene, Anthropocene, and Chthulucene in a thought-provoking manner. His material-inherent experimental approach is extended by the perception and confrontation with reality.

Markus Hoffmann (born 1982 in Germany) attained his MFA at Universität der Künste (University of the Arts), Berlin, where he studied at the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments) with Olafur Eliasson. He participated in residencies worldwide and won various awards and stipends and had solo and group exhibitions across the globe.

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Vulcano Lover (Ertaale), 2014
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Containment, 2016