A collaboration between Istanbul and Berlin.

Residency ······· 19/06/21 – 29/06/22
Opening ········· 30/06/22, 5pm 
Exhibition ······ 01/07/ – 03/07/22, 12 – 10pm,
                  w/ Sound Performances & Open                     Bar


IST–BLN is an exhibition collaboration between Istanbul and Berlin.
Visual artists and sound performers from both cities are given the opportunity to create together, to present their work to an international audience and to exchange with local actors and interested parties during a two-week residency in the other city.

Turkey is an influential part of German culture and identity – which is particularly noticeable in Berlin and at Potsdamer Strasse. It is important to maintain this close and polithistorically very special relationship. Bringing the two cities together in the context of an artistic exchange, (audio)visualizes what connects them – or what distinguishes them. The joint creative work on site and the negotiation of values, mentality, ways of living and working that this enables is the heart of the project. The intensive examination of the relationship between the two cities takes place not only on an artistic level: There is space for dialogue, for conversations and personal relationships – but also for reflection and criticism.

IST–BLN offers a new, young perspective on Turkish contemporary art. The collaboration and mutual exhibition of the artists embodies cross-border cooperation and the appreciation of a unique relationship between two cities and countries that could not be more different – and yet share so much.

Artists in Residence:

Can Yıldırım
Chai Moto
Cem Örgen
Defne Cemal
Eylül Deniz
Marius Houschyar
Oğuz Ozkan
Pervin Güzeldere
Pınar Kayar
Pınar Marul
Selin Ünsel
Zek Hodges

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