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The concept of 33guests centres on the number three: three hosts, three artists, each with three artworks and 33 guests. In addition to the initiators Jana Noritsch (Collectors Club Berlin) and Leopold Hornung (HOTO) a third guest curator acts as co-host. Jointly they introduce their respective artists and their artistic positions within the setting of an exclusive dinner.

During these events, the hosts bring together parts of their networks to form 33 guests. The core of the concept is the encounter of artists and collectors to engage in dialogue about art and the passion for collecting.

In 2021, Frank Sippel (REAL FUTURE) acted as a co-host. Featured artists were Andreas Greiner, Marco Reichert and Olaf Schirm.

In 2020, Dr. Christian Rauch (STATE STUDIO) acted as a co-host. Featured artists were Tatjana Busch, Kristiane Kegelmann and Christoph Stepan.

In 2018 Karolin Siller (SILLER Contemporary) acted as a co-host. Featured artists were Hannah Parr, KAESEBERG and Rainer Jacob.

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