Opening ········· 02/12/23, 6pm

Exhibition ······ 06/12/23 – 02/02/24 

Curated by Charlotte Pfaller


Yvonne Andreini studied at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee with a focus on drawing with Prof. Hanns Schimansky. She graduated in his master class 2010.

The objects in Andreini’s paintings behave like actors on a stage. As part of this theatrical play, they stir up the laws between space, subject and time.

Starting with figurative motives, such as staged still lifes or pictures of situations in which people come together, Yvonne Andreini processes these in several layers, increasingly abstracting them until they become rhythmic network.

Large brushstrokes intertwine with curved linear surfaces to create dense, floating structures.

In search of the spirit of things, the initial situations awake in vibrant still lifes.

Andreini lives and works in Berlin.

More information:

SPIRITI IN FESTA (2023)105 x 75 cm,ink and acrylic on canvas.
SPIRITI IN FESTA (2023) 105 x 75 cm, ink and acrylic on canvas.

PHANTASMAGORIA (2023) 240 x 170 cm, ink and acrylic on canvas.

MULINELLO (2023) 240 x 170 cm,ink and acrylic on canvas.

CELEBRAZIONI (2023) 240 x 170 cm, ink and acrylic on canvas.