Working title: FINAL REST

Opening ·········12/11/21
Exhibiton ·······12/11–14/11/21 


For FINAL REST the artist Tatiana Nekrasov works for the first time installatively and space-related. With sculptures, light installations, texts, smells, ready-mades, and sound the artist leads us into the final state of a "space and mind evolution".

The gravitational center of the exhibition is a spatial installation in a windowless room adjacent to the exhibition hall. The visitor does not enter this room through the regular entrance, but via a path that leads around the building, over a fire escape and over the back terrace. This detour is reminiscent  of a virtual computer game. However, here the visitor is not only part of the game in his imagination but also in physical reality. The windowless room marks the end of the course - game over. It is in a state of final rest which gives the project its name. The furnishings of the room are covered with sand, there is silence and calm as after a desert storm. Plant-like formations have taken hold and overgrow the man-made. Man and nature face each other. Order and chaos, good will and evil spirit. Disorder has moved into the once orderly and lovingly furnished room. The spirit has moved in and caused unrest, in the room as well as in the person who once lived here. Space and spirit cannot be separated in Nekrasov's installation. They rather merge and are a reflection of each other. "The space is body and spirit. It is friend and foe, blessing and involuntary." (T. Nekrasov)

The subject of FINAL REST is the attempt of man to withstand the demonic forces and the soul's struggle with longings, devotion and chaos, trepidations and fears. The eternal fight for sense and order. The space - evolution only becomes visible as "last rest" in its final state. Evolutionary stages have merged into each other and can not be separated in retrospect. For this reason photographer Silke Weinsheimer captures these "intermediate states". Her documentation complements the exhibition with snapshots of its development. Final Rest evokes a wide range of emotions with its dawning realities and dreamlike associations. The artist leaves open whether peace really does return or the chaos is merely buried under the quicksand of struggles and emotions.

Tatiana Nekrasov, born in 1983, lives and works in Berlin. She studied philosophy at Humboldt University and acting at the European Theater Institute. With the birth of her first child in 2010, she withdrew professionally for some time. From 2014 to 2016 she lived in New York where she received a scholarship at the Susan Batson Studio. Since her return to Europe, Nekrasov has worked as an actress at the Theatre National du Luxembourg and regularly appears in front of the camera for film and television. From 2015 onwards, Nekrasov has increasingly devoted herself to painting. Between 2017 and 2020 she exhibited at HOTO in two solo shows and one group show.