Opening ········· 12/11/21, 6pm

Exhibition ······ 13/11/21 – 18/11/21 


There is not much to say, not even if the day was very long. There is really nothing to say. - T. Nekrasov

For FINAL REST, artist TATIANA NEKRASOV works for the first time in an installation and space-related way. With light, texts, drawings, ready-mades and sound, she leads us into the final state of a "space and mind - evolution".

Chaos has taken over the space that the visitor enters: The spirit has created unrest, within the space as well as within the human being who once inhabited it. Space and spirit merge in Nekrasov's installation and are each other's image.

Space is body, is spirit. It is friend and foe, blessing and involuntary. - T. Nekrasov

The subject of FINAL REST is the never-resting spirit that is inherent in all of us; man's attempt to withstand demonic forces and the soul's struggle with the chaos of desires and fears.

The photographer SILKE WEINSHEIMER accompanied the development of the space. Her photographs complement the exhibition as snapshots of the evolution.