Baumann's work deals with the interference of dystopian and utopian narratives. Fragments from pop culture, social media and literature are the foundation of her painterly and graphic work, which confronts and connects them with each other. The artist examines recurring patterns and translates these into a dichotomous visual language.

Tabea Baumann was born in Berlin in 1993 and continues to live there. After graduating from high school, she began her studies at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2013. As part of her studies, she focused in particular on painting and drawing. The work in the university print studios shaped her artistic work in intaglio printing. She developed her own techniques through the experimental juxtaposition of painterly and graphic elements. In the summer of 2019, she graduated with a master's degree in art and has been working as a freelance artist ever since. In collaboration with HOTO she had a solo exhibition, in 2020, titled ‘I am always two’.

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