Beware o wanderer, the road is moving too

Opening ·········30/09/22
Exhibition ······01/10/ – 29/10/22  


German-Iranian artist Nigin Beck, born 1984 in Munich, explores the tropes and myths around love, loss and nostalgia, straining each sweeping thematic through two disparate cultures that are informed by her own heritage.

Beck's artistic exploration of textiles finds its beginning in receiving a family bequest of Persian fabrics that were left to her – in the knowledge of great appreciation. The faded curtains, bedspreads, and garments had been passed down through generations and repaired again and again; the traces of flight and war were visible on them. The artist began to experiment with these remnants. She detached them from their original context, put them together, only to break them in two again and recombine them.

In a further step, she juxtaposed these used textiles with new fabrics, to which she gave a patina all her own. Over the past summer months, for example, she let the sun bleach them, used them as tablecloths or beach towels, gave them to her children to play with, or worked them mercilessly with pebbles, salt water, and stones. In the subsequent repair, she resorted to all the techniques known to her for darning, patching and sewing, using different qualities of yarns.

Both fabrics carry the traces of life and love, of the hands touching and repairing them, within them and through the rework of the artist they develop a language of their own. The possibilities of altering and intervening in their processes of change are almost limitless. In a way, this makes the artist's works unfinished – but strikingly timeless, alive and tangible at the same time.

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