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Opening ········· 28/04/23, 6pm
Exhibition ······ 29/04 – 11/06/23,
                  Wed. – Sat. 1pm – 6pm


On the one hand, Reichert is a traditional painter; at the same time, he works with the possibilities of digital processes in the realm of the physical artwork. Thus he combines brush and paint with constructed layers of alien, coded images. Who or what is really responsible for each individual stroke in these works?

By blurring the boundaries of ownership, Reichert shifts the limits of artistic control. These abstract gestures converge as compositions. They trip over each other. They find new furrows. They gather in chromed pools of color. The digital age, in all its existential drama, has raised fascinating questions about selfhood, otherness, nature and technology.

Reichert's works take up these themes: On the one hand, his organic forms are reminiscent of the annual rings of a tree or of a thumbprint (a human code). In between there are fragments of a written image or scribbles. But as one approaches, everything that gives the appearance of being organic is only a facsimile of it. The
code-driven glitchy markings are executed by an artist-hacked CNC Milling machine – the mill being replaced by the brush.

Unpredictability is a central element of this way of working. One can think of it as a controlled experiment and a chaotic scene. Although data sets are introduced to build up the picture planes – as soon as they enter the artistic process, the old adage applies – as always – that rules are meant to be broken.

By Kate Brown


Marco Reichert (Berlin, 1979) lives and works in Berlin. He studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee and information technology at Humboldt University, both of them in Berlin. He has taken part in solo and group shows in several prestigious international institutes and galleries, such as: RIBOT Gallery, Milan; Gallery Benoni, Copenhagen; Circle Culture Gallery, Hamburg, Berlin, Baden-Baden; HOTO, Berlin; Bender Gallery, Asheville, USA;  CAI Gallery, Belgium; KH7artspace, Aarhus; Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung, Neumünster; Schaufenster, Berlin; Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin; Freies Museum Berlin; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.


Discrete Circuit

Discrete Circuit has established himself as an integral part of Berlin's techno scene with a mixture of intuitive drive and confident consistency. Influencing the capitol's electronic landscape for nearly a decade as a promoter, curator, and resident DJ at his own party series AWAY, as well as a music producer and label owner of Astray Records. Always having the dance floor and its energetic aura as a fixed point in mind, his hypnotic tracks and multifaceted interests benefit from Discrete Circuit's independent impetus.   

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