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Opening ·········15/07/21 (6pm-9pm)
Exhibiton ·······16/07–26/08/21 (Wed-Sat, 12pm-7pm)
Closing ·········26/08/21


We are thrilled to present our first solo show ‘SKIP RECAP‘ by the Berlin artist MARCO REICHERT at the opening of our new gallery space on Potsdamer Straße.

The viewer will be able to encounter a series of new works created within the last two years and gain a personal insight into the artist’s characteristic working methods and techniques.

His unique way of working began as an experimental arrangement made up of remote controlled cars with attached markers running across the canvas. Over time it has evolved into a complex ‘painting robot‘ fed by REICHERT with a wide range of data sets and algorithms. These range from NASA data sets of the topography of the moon to 3D-scanned surfaces selected by the artist.

A fascinating, new and unique world comes to life when the machine sets out across the canvases, equipped with oil paint and REICHERT’s invented version of a brush. The results are images that create a vast space for interpretation and reflection.

︎︎︎ artist’s website

Listed below you can see the available works of the artist. For sizes and prices feel free to send us an email to