Lea Mugnaini is an Italian-German interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin.

Her practice stems from the surrounding environment she works in, transforming traces of a present or past world into new symbols of meaning.  

Her organic and natural shapes interweave memory, perception, and fantasy, resulting in fragmented and layered metaphysical landscapes. Forms are temporal traces of life and at the same time elements that, through their transformation, continue to narrate the essence of a pre-existing time.

For her residency at HOTO, her works will move on several levels at once, pushing the boundaries of drawing and sculpture into a new series of works.

The entire research will revolve around the coexistence of intuitive abstract forms and their history of decipherment.
The space at Bergmannstraße 109 will simultaneously serve as a site for research and as a container for suspended elements and imaginary signs. A "world of forms" as so called by French historian Henri Focillon. Whether the works are realized on a two-dimensional level or develop into hybrid shapes throughout the space, the artist intends to create a visual dictionary connecting to the site and history of HOTO.

Lea Mugnaini has studied under Prof. Monica Bonvicini at UDK Berlin (Meisterschüler*in degree 2022), and before at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin under Prof. Friederike Feldmann.

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