Residency ······ 19/07/21 – 29/04/22

Opening ········· 30/04/22, 2pm

Exhibition ······ 01/05/22 – 30/05/22 


Between concrete walls and a large commercial advertising space, Kristiane Kegelmann shows an elaborate installation on the roof terrace of HOTO. By deliberately introducing plants, such as sweet-grasses (lat. Poaceae), and processing her objects with organic substances, the artist influences the special micro climate prevailing between the unnatural surfaces. A special interest lies in the renaturation process as well as the change in the materials through exposition to sun, humidity, temperature and wind.

Kristiane Kegelmann (*1990, Munich) is both an experienced patissier and a visual artist. She perfected her craft in an organic pastry shop in Munich, consolidated her skills in the Viennese Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel and opened her own praliné label „pars" in Berlin. In 2014 she found her way to the fine arts. In her artistic work Kristiane juxtaposes solid, inflexible materials such as steel or concrete with fragile, ephemeral materials such as kefir, coa or soil. In this juxtaposition, frictional forces arise, which she uses to create an aesthetic synthesis and a complex interplay. The deliberate integration of non-art, organic materials into her works and the resulting processes of change are of particular interest to her. These structural changes in the process become apparent, for example, through decomposition, desiccation, porosity becomes clear. The work reacts to external conditions such as light, humidity, temperature, movement and a metamorphosis and process of decay can be observed.

Often, her installations are aimed at a direct interaction with the viewer. By moving within the installation, the viewer gains surprising perspectives. He experiences through the processuality of the work a complex interplay of physical, psychological and sensual processes. In some installations, the viewer influences the work of art with his or her movements and inadvertently sets it in motion through pure air flow, thus bringing about an additional change.

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