Opening ········· 26/04/24, 6pm

Exhibition ······ 02/05/24 – 07/06/24 

Hallermann (HAHA)

In her multidisciplinary work, Berlin based artist Hannah Hallermann links clear, essential forms to complex social issues. Her sculptures that she builds in her own studio evoke an intense relation between body and objects, as well as powerful dynamics between the often disparate materials. Myths and symbols seem to drift through time and transfigure into contemporary form and relevance.

Hannah‘s sculptures act as tools for social transformation – embracing conflict and the paradox but refusing stagnation. The works may challenge the viewer’s imagination of how to relate to and how to use these tools, but also spark conversation about a reality of unequal opportunities. Hannah’s art supports ambiguity and a freer, less restricted kind of social interaction: more confusing, more chaotic, less reasonable, more dirty, more open, more vulnerable.
Her work is featured in major presentations like "Still Alive“ at Albertinum, Dresden and "Studio Berlin“ ( Sammlung Boros x Berghain) - recent solo-shows are "In between beyond“ at Kjubh Kunstverein e.V in Cologne and "Change in suspense“ at Möglichkeit einer Insel Berlin. Groupshows in 2023 such as "Wenn die Sirenen heulen (it‘s on us)“ at Sexauer Gallery and "Boobs in the art“ at Dittrich & Schlechtriem Gallery among many others. (Text by Saskia Trebing)

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