Beware o wanderer, the road is moving too

Opening ·········30/09/22 (5pm)
Exhibition ······01/10/ – 29/10/22 (Wed. – Sat., 1pm – 6pm) 


German-Iranian Artist Nigin Beck, born 1984 in Munich, explores the tropes and myths around love, loss and nostalgia, straining each sweeping thematic through two disparate cultures that are informed by her own heritage.

Irreverently playing with a wide range of references (her own biography, lierature and pop culture), Beck borrows loaded relics and conflates their understood histories, opening up new readings and reanimating these often dormant cultural artifacts. Her ongoing object based practice extends beyond the studio, frequently engaging in collaborations with artisans and traditional craftspeople to create objects pregnant with narrative potential. 

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The artist: Nigin Beck

                                             Titi and Dolla, carved wood and car laquer (2019)

      Moona Lisa, handbeaded curtain (2014) 

        A Womyn’s Festival (menu of choice), silk chador and cast           bronze, 2020