Opening ·········17/09/21 (6pm-9pm)
Exhibition ·······18/09–28/10/21 (Wed-Sat, 1pm-6pm)
Closing ·········28/10/21


In his large-format color photographs, Christoph Stepan observes people and human presence in the context of scenic and urban settings.

He rarely focuses on the everyday, but rather on special moments, occasions, and places such as the annual Palio in Siena, the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, the base camp on Mount Everest, or a film shoot against the backdrop of Louisiana swamps.

In his images, which are composed of several individual analog photographs, Stepan approaches his objects by using the stylistic devices of architectural photography such as absolute depth of field. In this way, the artist simultaneously provides the viewer with a perspective of the big picture and the smallest detail.

In general, architectural photography serves to document and present the finished building. Stepan, on the other hand, shows in his works not only the permanent in architecture or landscape, but at the same time the transience and ephemerality of the moment. Stepan's works generate their appeal from these fields of tension, leaving the viewers to set their own focus within the composition itself. Stepan thereby renews the selective perception of the moment.

Born in Munich, Germany, he moved to Switzerland in 1995, where he finished high school. He then studied economics at the University of St.Gallen. While photography was always part of his life it became his profession only after having graduated from university in 2004. Following a strong interest in architecture and his introduction to analog photography and larger formats, he became the assistant to James Turrell’s official photographer, Florian Holzherr in 2006. Besides commissioned work for some of Europe’s leading architects, Christoph started to work on personal projects, initially focusing on architecture and spatial relations in the urban environment. In addition he has been working as an assistant to Robert Polidori on projects in Brazil, India and Central Europe from 2010 to 2012.

He currently lives in Munich.

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