some of us and the night song of others

Opening ········· 01/12/22, 6pm
Exhibition ······ 02/12/ – 22/12/22
                  19/01/ – 28/01/23 

w/ performance
«echoes, as in truth, as in yarn, as in ruin» 

                                       01/12/22, 7pm  
                                       15/12/22, 5pm
                                       19/01/23, 7pm

De Marco

Based on the artist's ongoing investigation on the issues of space, some of us and the night song of others questions the very qualities of the art space and the areas that surround it. Using HOTO's original location at Potsdamer Strasse as both research subject and site, the artist made it the center of their work and examined the adjoining neighborhood. The result was a series of interviews and archival material that became the main source for the artworks in their new exhibition.

Discussing the barriers between fact and fiction, the show proposes the art space as a translating room, where voices are embodied, and all that enters becomes an illusion that aspires reality.

About the artist

Bruno De Marco (they/them) is a Luso-Brazilian artist and writer working on the intersection of performance and its documentation, with a practice focused on the poetics and politics of identities that reside between errantry and permanence and therefore on the possible selves and systems in constant migration.

Born in Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu 1995) and brought up in Portugal (Lisbon 2010), the artist attended the António Arroio Art School (Lisbon 2015), graduating in Stage Design, before heading to the Upper School of Arts and Design (C. da Rainha 2018) where they attained their BFA. While currently based in Berlin, in the last few years De Marco has mostly developed their work between Germany, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Having participated in exhibitions such as Destination Unknown (Weert NL, 2019); being part of residencies such as Witte Rook (Breda NL, 2020) and Grão Residência Artística (Branca, PT 2021), they have also won several prizes and worked on other projects as a curator and writer.


More information:

Team & Collaborators

Concept & Direction
Bruno De Marco

Video Work Collaboration
Wala Saïd

Sound Work Collaboration & Sound Design
K. Murray

Composer & Choreographer
Hanna Nebgen

Assistance & Dramaturgy
Madalena Wallenstein de Castro

Photography Assistance
Larissa Hannah Bauchmüller

Costume Design
Archie Dickens
Zizi Ramires

Kira-Lily Marshall
Hanna Nebgen
Rita António
Bruno De Marco


song for Iara, 2021