Bastian Gehbauer studied at at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin and the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart (ABK) with Ricarda Roggan. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig (HGB), where he studied photography in the class of Heidi Specker. In his work he deals with rooms and things without focusing on the illustration of architecture or objects but rather on their emotional quality going beyond the explicitly shown. Within the past years his practice went from describing the conversio of spaces to their human purpose relation over their rudimentary construction to finally a growing abstraction. „I want to create images of “mental spaces” that are not referring to a particular place but rather an emotional state. I see my works also as a stage for a possible projection of the observer.“ In his carefully composed photographs you can often find an expression of silence and reduction. Bastians works were shown in solo and group shows like the “Grand Infinity Pool vol.III Folkwang Museum (DE), Photobastei Zürich (CH), SAP Kunsthalle Walldorf (DE) and Pavlov´s Dog Galerie Berlin (DE). 

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